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new corns new project


give me your corns
here my other project,
butter motley het stripe,caramel motley het strip+ amel,
also amel stripe poss het caramel,



Cool, you got them ... Beautiful Butter Mot fella and Caramel Mot gal.:)

Eventually, you'll be hearing the pitter-patter (or "slither-slither"), of little scutes, from Caramel/Butter Striped, &/or Motley, &/or Striped-Motley hatchlings... and will have to share, with us, of course.;)

The Amel was a nice addition as well ... especially if he/she proves to be het Caramel.
Another beautiful snake.:)
Ya Chris,

Like I said "photographic genius".......... ;)

You have captured their pattern & colour very well.

These 'guys' are such well tempered hatchlings.........except when Pam holds them! :laugh:

Will be interesting to see their progeny in a few years time.

All the Best.

thank you lex,
yup there came ok then pic's,
baby corns nomally poop on pam,ecept this time an she got a nip :shrugs: :)
5 fed last night too!
"Nice. What happened to the amel's nose?"
sorry for the late reply,there doesnt seem to be any damage to the scale,just lacks colour! :shrugs: