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New photos and a video ;)

Ana Sofia R

Beware of Poissssssson :P
Hey there! Here are some photos of my baby girl :p
All photos with Canon 550D and videos too!
Hope you'll like it :D

All of these were taken on March 4th

She was loosing her skin, and after this photo I give her a bath and I help to her take it of ^^

And a video of her feeding with HD quallity ^^

Check for more in my photo gallery ;)
Hope you like it :D
Cute baby! Nice shots!!!

Did he/she shed all of the skin? Including that on the tail!??
For point and shoot you have a couple options. I like to use the macro(flower) setting on on most of my snake pictures. If you have an active snake the sports mode can usually help as well. Try to make sure you have enough light to avoid having to use the flash(it washes out colors).