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  • Oops, that "bf" supposed to be best friend, not boy friend, LOL. "not that there's anything wrong with that!!" as the folks on Seinfeld said.
    Thanks Rich. I'm a Milwaukee fan, but my bf is a HUGE Cubs fan and we'd go down there every year, usually for opening day. I'll never forget the opener right after Harry died, and his widow sang the song. My big tough buddy had tears streaming down his face. Man, where does the time go?
    Hello Everyone!!! 2012's breeding season is underway!!!! Had our first Hook-Up Tonight!! Holmes X Valerie (Skyline Reptiles). Testing a TON of Het's and PH's Should be a head scratcher!
    LOL...Sorry for the torture, but trust me...your not alone!!! the wait is KILLING me!!! I probably check the eggs 7-8 times a day..just to see if there is any change. LOL...yeah...I've gone Bonkers!! :)
    hurry with those little pippies.. i have been waiting soo long for your babys to come. geesh! I dont think either encounter for my female took this year maybe its a good thing now sense we are moving in to a new home.. cant wait to see yours though =]
    Happy Easter to you too my friend! It's hard and exhausting work trying to pass those babies. This is one of those cases where a man might be better able to imagine birthing...understand what I'm sayin'? ;)
    Lol, right now my girl is grounded!!! I told her to lay her eggs today...or she would never get to meet....(this is when i was loading up your page...)...BIG CAT....so what do you think of that i asked....She just looked at me..and like any teenager...stuck out her tongue out at me. go figure.
    Big Cat told me to tell you that he's happy you've got some of 'his kind' coming your way in those impending eggs.
    Let me know and I'll put you on the waiting list. You might be the only one, but at least you'll be on...
    I put my pairs together the other night just for fun. Lots of interest, but no action. 2 girls are blue and the others aren't far behind them. It shouldn't be too much longer now...
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