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Night Adder


New member
I know it's not a corn snake, but would just like to share. So while I was on holiday in Mpumalanga, (eastern part of South Africa), we had a visitor that was actually quite determined to climb the stairs to the house where we were staying. I've identified it to be a night adder, as I used to have some around my high school, along with the occasional brown house snake. It's always awesome to see a wild snake. But thankfully it was on the morning we were leaving, or else I don't think my mom would have slept:rofl: All in all, glad to have spotted this guy:) Sorry for the bad picture quality though!



Pretty pattern.
I had to look it up. According to Wiki, "no anti-venom is required..."
Even so, I wouldn't have been able to sleep either.
I was reading on the SA reptile forum that no anti-venom actually exists, unless I've read old information. The venom can't kill an adult, but may have severe effects on children. Thank you! I will definitely do that. :)