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quick question about feeding


New member
I've been searcing around (this site and general web searching) all day, and I have not been able to find the answer to my question.

I was wondering when or if you start feeding two pinkies. Nagini is about 25 grams, and about 18ish inches long. The people at the pet store said to "feed two if she takes two" but I didn't think that sounded like a very good idea...one I don't want to feed too much, two I don't want to waste a pinkie if she isn't ready. Is there a way to gague when it would be appropriate to up the size of her meals? she is still too small for a fuzzy or a hopper.

Here you go!

The Munson Plan:

-Single pinks (2-3g) every 4-5 days. (Snake = 4-15g)
-Double pinks (3g x 2) every 4-5 days. (Snake = 16-23g)
-Small fuzzies (5-7g) every 5-6 days. (Snake = 24-30g)
-Regular fuzzies (7-9g) every 5-6 days (Snake = 30-50g)
-Hoppers (9-12g) every 5-6 days (Snake = 51-90g)
-Weaned (14-20g) every 7 days (Snake = 91-170g)
-Adult (24-30g) every 7-x days (Snake = 170+)
-Jumbo Adults (40-50g) every 7-x days (Snake = 400g+)
Thank you so much!!!!

so it looks like she should definitely be on 2 pinkies at least...I don't think her girth is quite big enough for a fuzzy...I would try to get a pic up...but my darn camera broke last night :( I was going to get some shots of her because she FINALLY finished her terrible shed, and looks so pretty and pearly!