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Reports and Complaints Against Rules Violators

Roy Munson

New member
Site Rules:

There are a few "unwritten rules" as well. Antagonising a moderator or admin is one of them.

Site rules apply to the regular forums and to chat and private messages. The owners of the private forums may moderate them as they see fit, but hopefully they will choose to generally observe the site rules.

Reports and complaints against other members for violations of site rules should be handled according to where the offending material is posted:

1. Forum Posts: To report violations of site rules in a member's post, click on the red triangle beneath the user's profile info (see attached screen-capture below).

2. Chat: To report violations of site rules in Chat, send a PM to the moderators (Susan; mbdorfer; Roy Munson) outlining the complaint. Include a chat log or a screen-capture of the offending chat posts. The mod team can't act appropriately without evidence that site rules were broken.

3. PM: To report violations of site rules in PMs, forward the PM in which the site rules were violated to the moderators. Outline the complaint clearly in the first lines of the PM.

Note: Before submitting a report or complaint concerning the violation of site rules, it would be prudent to make sure that the offending member wasn't responding to your own violation of site rules. If you call someone a fool, and he replies that you're a moron, submitting a report for a name-calling violation wouldn't be wise.


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