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safe sealents


New member
i am currently building a wood structure for my corns

i was wondering if this was safe to use for it

Yup, it will be fine. Just make sure it has time to fully dry out. When I had wood vivs, I sealed them with the same stuff (though from a can, not spray) and let them dry for a week or so IIRC.

Never had any problems.
Ditto, once dried and cured, there's nothing residual that would be toxic.
Quite a structure you've got there!
I would note however, that if you've used hot-glue on the joints, the varnish won't fully adhere to that, and will likely flake off at some point. Epoxy is paintable if that's what you've used.
Not in my experience. Hot glue is the same composition throughout, and there's no skin, so to speak, to sand off. On the good side, the hot glue joint won't harm your snake.
Looks nice - your snake will enjoy it!

Definitely make sure you get a good seal and to make sure you sand it down between coats. With those dowels like they are up top, you're going to want a super slick surface that you can just wipe down if poop/urates get on it. If its not sanded smooth and is rough, it'll be a lot harder to clean.

Another alternative you could try in the future is to make a "jungle gym" out of PVC pipes, then you wouldn't have to worry about sealing.
What size dowels did you use for this? Did you ever end up trying this with PVC pipe? I am looking to possibly make this and I am just curious.