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Server problems - 07-30-2022

Rich Z

Staff member
In case some of you have noticed, there is a problem on the server causing replies to existing threads, as well as new threads, to pause excessively between clicking the SUBMIT button, and the screen refreshing after the server has updated the database. Times range from 30 seconds to 60+ seconds.

In some cases you may think the SUBMIT didn't work at all, and you will click it again. Which will duplicate your reply or thread.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
FYI, replies and new threads ARE being posted to the site's database immediately after being submitted. It is just that the server is hanging up sending out the refreshed page back to the submitting client (you). To test this, you can submit a reply, then backpage out, then refresh your browser and you will see that your reply or thread has actually been accepted at the server and available to everyone else to view.

You DO NOT have to wait for the browser screen to refresh in order for your reply or new thread to have been posted successfully and available for viewing to the rest of the world. Just backpage, refresh the browser screen, then get on with other things you want to do.

Hopefully this will get fixed, but in the meantime, this is an effective workaround.