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Setting up my tank...


New member
Hello i am looking to get a corn snake... I am purchasing and setting up the tank before i get my corn. here is the list of things i have....

20L tank
8" by 6" UTH Zoo med brand
BAH 1000 thermostat
ReptiBark ( only needs changed twice a year correct?)
Water Bowl ( how big mus it be??)
one of those Log Hides

Anything else I need? Do i still need to get a thermometer even tho i have the thermostat? Well anything i should get let me know as well as what size i need for the water bowl and the Half a log Hide

Thanks a lot !
sounds like you got a nice set up there. to answer your water bowl question, a bown that is big enough for them to soak in is idea.
as for the reptibark, you'll want to spot clean any poops, if you do that you wont need to clean it very often.
If you have a termostat then you don't need a thermometer.
I guess all you need now is the snake! be sure to post pictures when you've got it.
How are you going to regulate the thermostat with out a thermometer? Or does the BAH have one? *hasn't looked at it recently*
Comments to each question in the quote, done in bold . ..
Gman79 said:
20L tank
Perfect size.

8" by 6" UTH Zoo med brand
That's an 8 Watt heater, in a 20 Long, should be good.

BAH 1000 thermostat
Very similar to construction to several thermostats I use (AH-1000) Perfect, will help you control temps.

ReptiBark ( only needs changed twice a year correct?)
Spot clean after each defecation. Total replace depending on amount of use. I wouldn't limit yourself to just twice a year, but more "as necessary".

Water Bowl ( how big mus it be??)
Ideally, large enough for the snake to soak in, but honestly not really practical for adults. Large enough for the snake to drink out of, but not small enough that water will evaporate too rapidly.

one of those Log Hides
Great! You may need to spot clean it if/when it gets pooped on. Be prepared for that.

Anything else I need? Do i still need to get a thermometer even tho i have the thermostat?
YES, YES, and just in case you missed it YES! The thermostat dial does not guarantee your temperatures. You want the thermometer to make sure!

Hope that helps,
umm...You might also want to get a branch, log, or vine for the snake to have to climb on..as well as a second hide for the cool end of the tank..both the warm and the cool end should have hides...You might also want to get a hygrometer (I have no idea how to spell..lol)...the dial that tells you the humidity levels...Sure humidity isn't TOTALLY important but it does play a part in aiding with shedding and preventing respiratory infections...Other then that...it sounds like you have a good setup :0)

P.S. I know you probably have this already but just for safety..make sure the tank has a lid with secure clips to hold it down... :grin01: :grin01:
oops, I was wrong about the thermostat.
I will admit that I've never used one though, I assumed they had their own thermometers built in. Or are you saying they do but are not guaranteed accurate?

I would say however that a hygrometer is a waste of money. If your snake is shedding make it a little damp, if it's not, don't worry about humidity. You don't need a hygrometer to tell you if a tank is dry or damp, you can use your hand. Since corn snakes don't exact humidity (like they do need exact temperature) I have no idea why you would ever need one.

Listen to what Maize said about a secure lid! I lost my first corn snake I ever had two months after getting it because I didn't understand that unless you lock them up good and tight they will escape. I just recently had an adult escape from a poorly locked sterolite bin. A good locking lid is one of the most important things you need when keeping a corn snake.
Here's an idea - slither down to your nearest Wal-Mart, Kmart, or hardware store. They will undoubtedly have some sort of a combination thermometer & hygrometer for under $3.
Yes, I have thermostats or rheostats on all my cages, as well as digital thermometers, digital indoor/outdoor thermometers, and digital thermometer/hygrometers that I move from cage to cage every few days to compare the temp/humidity readings and keep 'em honest, and last but not least a pocket temp gun I use for spot readings & snakes temps, BUT... I also have a small, inexpensive analog thermometer (and usually a hygrometer) in each & every cage.

I have heard a number of instances of those Alife/BAH-1000's failing in higher temperatures (perhaps they are more stable when used for lower temps as with corn snakes), and any electrical/electronic/mechanical device can fail, so it is quite essential to have a way of determining temperature.

A snake is cold-blooded/poikilothermic, and depends on its environment for thermoregulation, so I think some sort of thermometer is an essential part of your setup.