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Shed skin colors - clear vs pigmented


New member
I was admiring a perfect shed from my GhostBloodred male Orion today when I noticed it's totally clear. It made me wonder if there was a list of morphs with clear vs pigmented shed color listed.

I didn't find a list while searching old threads, but I did find an interesting thread about shed colors. blue steel motleys & clear sheds

I summarized the morphs listed there & shed colors.

Amel - clear
Blizzard - clear
Dilute / Blue Steel - clear
Snow - clear

Anery A - pigmented
Ghost - pigmented, but lighter than AneryA shed. Pigment in proportion to color intensity of Ghost.
Normal - pigmented

Are there any other morphs which are known to shed clear / devoid of pigment? Opal? Lavender? Ice? Lava? Conversely, does anyone have an Amel, Blizzard, or Snow which does not shed clear?

Photos below - 1st is my GhostBloodred male Orion's shed (clear), 2nd is Anery A hatchling (pigmented) for comparison.


  • Shed Skin M GBR.jpg
    Shed Skin M GBR.jpg
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  • Shed Skin Hatchling.jpg
    Shed Skin Hatchling.jpg
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I can kind of see faint patterning on the bloods shed (or im just seeing things). What I find really interesting is that pupils are pigmented in sheds.


My anerylav seems to have a very light if not clear shed, as does my bloodred male.
DaemoNox said:
What I find really interesting is that pupils are pigmented in sheds.

That's cool! I've never noticed that! I'll have to look. I always look for eye caps but hold them up to see them catch the light. I'll have to put them on a white background.