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Signature areas!

Rich Z

Staff member
Please note that I have had a notice visible in every forum on this site for nearly forever detailing the limits I want imposed on the way the signature area is used.

  • No more then 4 lines of text
  • No graphics of any kind
  • In a similar vein, no animation in your avatar.

The reason for this is that all of those things make a thread way too distracting trying to read the actual text posted within the messages. Please try to be a little considerate of all of the other readers in this forum by adhering to these rather simple rules I have asked you all to follow.

When I see violations, I will simply delete them. If they keep returning, because you don't take the hint, stronger measures will be taken. Hate to sound hard nosed about it, but if that is what it takes, then that is what it takes.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.
Clint Boyer said:
I don't know Dand, it looks like you're pushing the limit! :rolleyes:

Nah, the butt kissing probably doesn't count towards the 4 line limit!

I've been noticing that some people are trying to get around my four text line limit by interspacing blank lines between those four lines of actual text. Come on people! Why do you think I am making this rule in the first place? I want to keep the SIZE of the signature are down to four lines. That means that a BLANK line is STILL a line of horizontal space taken up. Eventually some clever soul is going to try to use four lines of text with 10 blank lines between each of them. Just because they think they can.

To any and all who have been using this method within their signature area, please take steps NOW to accommodate this rule. FOUR lines of text, which includes blank lines as well, are the maximum for each signature area.

Thank you.