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Snake exercise room


New member
Thought I'd share an idea I came up with for my snakes. Last year I lost two adult females to egg binding \ dystocia and had two others recovery with a little help. The main reason I think this happened is lack of movement. Snakes get fat and lazy living the tub life. Having food given to them from silver tongs. Getting your snakes out and handling them helps get some exercise but if you have more than a few that gets time consuming. So I wanted to come up with a snake exercise room of sorts. I wanted to create something that there tub would fit in so the experience would less stressful on my snakes. They have home base with them if they want. I can place the whole tub in for a couple of hours then put another in.
I used an old entertainment center someone was throwing out. I rearranged the self and added screen doors. Its pretty crude but efficient for now. Anyway I hope this gives every one ideas.
Have a good.


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