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snake not sheddin..


New member
i have had a corn snake for a couple months now i guess and has not shed i thought snakes shed all the time ohh and my snake is loose in the house its 2:07am and im looking for him what is the best time of night to look for him :shrugs:
If you do a search you will find a lot of info on finding lost snakes.

:-offtopic Did anyone notice when i got over 1000 post? :-offtopic
It depends on how old your snake is. Baby snakes tend to shed every 4-6 weeks, but adults can go longer between sheds. And it is possible that it shed and you just missed it. Once when I was cleaning my amel's tank, I found a shed skin, and said, "When did that happen?" I'd completely missed the signs of shedding.
I think that sometimes a snake may not shed if he's not growing, or so I was told. My snake was very late shedding because he was so underweight when I got him, but he finally shed after a few good meals. Is your snake at a good weight?

Also, if he's loose in the house maybe he has shed somewhere in the house.

cornsnakekid92 said:
:-offtopic Did anyone notice when i got over 1000 post? :-offtopic

Why would I notice? It's just a number of posts. Quantity is insignificant.