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Stackable cages


New member
So ill start by saying wow haven't posted here in like three years :welcome_back_01:. Getting used to the real world and growing up made having time to do stuff like this hard. My snake is all grown up now and doing well and since then I have had a ball python put in my care and just picked up a new albino cali king snake at a show recently. That being said a 20-40 gal tank for every snake take up a lot of space which brings me to the title of the post. I was looking into stackable cages so that way I could allow for more snakes while not taking up as much space. I have done some searching but was curious if anyone had any experience with these and if you could point me in the right direction for purchasing them. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.
I bought PVC cages from herptastic recently they are pricey but love them. Being stackable they really save me alot of space
I love the Neodesha NPI stackables for my corns. I get them with lights. I use UTH with t-stat for heat. You can get them in a 3-pack! These is my 36" stack. They are too big for a baby corn. It'll get lost in there and you'll stress it digging around. Great for yearlings through adult.

I hope the picture works.
I can't see my picture. It's also in my albums.
Can someone tell me why just a square shows up? I cut and paste the URL from my album.
Thanks for the replies. I was looking into the Neodesha cages for a while but couldn't find many people who used them so thanks for that info. Other than Neodesha one of the others I had on my list were cages from reptile basics. I have never heard of herpastic either so ill also look into that, thanks.