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Super Salmon Snow Corn Snake Genetics


New member
Could anyone explain the genetics behind Super Salmon Snow corns for me? If I were to breed two super salmon snow corns, what combos would I get? One is a motley.
I think what you are saying by using the term "Super Salmon" is referring to having two copies of the incomplete dominant Red Factor (RF) mutation. Depending on which naming convention you follow (there really isn't a right or wrong here btw), "Super Salmon" might be considered redundant, as many people will call a corn with a single copy of RF "Coral", and a corn 2 copies of RF "Salmon". You could also call a Salmon a Super Red Factor, and still be consistent. It never hurts to ask when dealing with RF as people use those terms different ways.

If you breed a Salmon Snow to a Salmon Snow Motley (barring any unknown hets as cracker head pointed out), you will get all Salmon Snows that are 100% Het Motley.