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Testing Photo of Candy Cane & Miami (Male)


Corn Manic
Testing Photo of Candy Cane (Male)

Hi, I am just hoping to post a few photos of my candy cane corn (male). Hope this works! :D


  • candy cane corn (kathy, m) 1.jpg
    candy cane corn (kathy, m) 1.jpg
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OK you got me going~~~~:~

I just got a little bitty Miami Phase male. I'll have to get out the camera. Mine, Merlin! Is a little darker and I was first concerned because he looked a lot like Spencer's normal. (I really wanted something different) But now he is turning into my favorite little guy.:D Sam
Here's a little image editing to remove the yellowish lighting...


  • candy cane corn (kathy, m) 1.jpg
    candy cane corn (kathy, m) 1.jpg
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