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The new server is up and guess which site gets to be the guinea pig this time??

Rich Z

Staff member
That's right! THIS one! I am moving one site at a time over to see if the server is stable now. I am in the process of moving FaunaTopSites over right now, then probably HerpShows.com is next on the list. If they both seem stable, CornSnakes.com will be the next one to switch over. Unfortunately, this site may be down for a day or two. I thought that I could do it much quicker by switching DNS pointers (don't ask....), but I'm not entirely convinced that this didn't cause some of the problems back at the beginning of the month when I tried switching over FaunaClassifieds. So I'm going to do it the old way this time.

So if you log in here and it's down, that's what is happening.

BTW, I recently GREATLY expanded all of the forums on the FaunaClassifieds site and basically copied the structure from this site for the CornSnakes section. I wanted to be able to just link directly to THIS forum from there, but I couldn't figure out a way to do that. I kind of feel silly having two nearly identical forums on corn snakes running at the same time, but I couldn't very well NOT provide one on FaunaClassifieds, yet I certainly did not want to shut down this one either. So it looks like I will be having two of them running simultaneously. If any of your want to log in over there and help me fill up some of those empty new forums, I would appreciate it.

I may be moving this site over to the new server this weekend. So if you stop by here and you can't access the site, that is the reason why. I will have to close the message board completely to keep from having messages lost in the transition. No other way to do it.