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tip of tail have not shed, advice?


New member
My snake shed a couple of days ago. I inspected the shed, and though it is in one piece, and the eyes shed fine, I noticed that the very wee last bit of the tail section is missing from the shed. The very last bit of the shed looks black, and the part covering the tip is not there. I suspect it may be on the snake and have had him soaked twice to try and treat it.

Here's the deal though, I've inspected him several times since the shed and his actual tail tip looks fine. I fail to see any bit of skins stuck at the tip, nor does the tip feel any different, before and after the soakings.

Since this is the first shed I've had to deal with, I got some questions. By the looks of the shed he may have a small piece of skin stuck to his tail tip, but his tail tip actually looks fine. Just what does a stuck shed looks like? I mean, it doesn't look or feel like there's anything there. Could it be that the tip broke off from the shed after he shedded, or that the shed was removed in one of his soakings?
I've found it can be very hard to see, but if you look very closely you should be able to see a thin line where the unshed skin begins. You might be able to feel a bit of difference. I use a cloth soaked in luck warm water and grasp the snake in the cloth, letting him gently work his way out, keeping enough pressure that loose skin will be pulled off, but not so hard as to injure him. A dark cloth helps to let you see the skin when it comes off. It is possible that the tip broke off from the shed, but it might be best to pass the snake through a cloth a few times.
I agree it can be hard to tell. Whenever I can't find the shed piece for the tail tip, I inspect it closely. It can be hard to see, kinda like trying to find the beginning of the tape on a roll that is stuck. What I do is hold the snake and soak its tail in some water for about 30 seconds. Then I take the damp cloth and gently grasp the tail with it and try to work the tail through it so that the towel rubs it in the opposing direction. That way, once it has soaked, it becomes easier to see and just slides right off. You may have to try a couple times but it usually works.