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want to get a new snake..need advice

Tell her if she doesn't let you, you'll release the snake in her bed. That may do the trick.

Otherwise, just go and get one. She won't make you take it back... usually.
I'm thankful my kids are into reptiles and not stinky, nasty rodents, like mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils...

...and cats! :twoguns:

Good luck is all I can tell you! My mom never caved and let me get a snake. I had to wait until I was older, moved out, and married before I got one (course now I have to ask the wife!)

seriously, if you explain how they are not dangerous, they are easy to maintain, and promise not to use the snake to bother her (assuming she doesn't like snakes) or anyone else, usually this would work for me. Give them lots of information to show them that you have researched all about the animal and how to keep it healthy. This should at least show them that you are serious about it.
this is what my mom did when she wanted a rabbit but her dad said no: when it was his birthday and got HIM a rabbit and she ended up looking after it.
"CMatt2157" i did just go and get one tats how i have a corn in the first place but i want more than just one im like a kid in the candystore