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I am looking for a LARGE terrarium for my corn snake! I need something very secure and well built because she is an escape artist!! Looking for 29+ gallon tank (long) I live in Maine so close by would be great.....PLEASE HELP CANY BUY NEW RIGHT NOW!!

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If you have a Petco / Petsmart near you, you can sometimes pick up large aquariums for a dollar per gallon. This is what I did when I recently upgraded my snake's viv to 40B. Then I bought a reptile folding screen lid at a petstore and LOTS of clips.
Wow really that's amazing all the tanks I've seen have been really expensive!! I'll definitely check that out for sure!!

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Petsmart has the National Geographic front opening terrariums on clearance right now 40 gal is $129.97 ,23 gal is $99.97 ,and an 18 gal. Is &59.97 They are like the EXO TERRA's but they come with lights, dishes and temp/hydrometer gauge.

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