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what would I get?

well candycane is "just" a Amel and if there are no hets on either side, the offspring will be, Normal het amel. :)
pdrsnakes said:
thanks. is it 100% het. for amel
The % is just a probability, so yes, they are all 100% possible het for amel.

Here's what's happening behind the curtain:

The male candycane has gene a<sup>a</sup> paired up with a<sup>a</sup> and one of these will be in each sperm cell.

The female normal has gene A<sup>+</sup> paired up with A<sup>+</sup> and one of these will be in each egg cell.

The offspring will have come from eggs that were A<sup>+</sup> fertilized by a sperm cell that was a<sup>a</sup>, so they will all be A<sup>+</sup>·a<sup>a</sup> (which is what "normal, het for amel" means.)
its fun times! I have my first clutch in the hatcher and I will have normals het aneryA, charcoal and amel, if there are no suprice hets!

Good luck to you!
3330PHILIP said:
Hi Roy. I'm sorry for being dense but what does het mean? Cheers
Het means that a particular gene pair (in this case, pertaining to amel) is made up of two different genes, as opposed to two identical copies.

In this case, "het for amel" means that it is carrying one copy of the amel gene (a<sup>a</sup>) paired with one copy of the wild-type (A<sup>+</sup>) gene.
3330PHILIP said:
Hi Roy. I'm sorry for being dense but what does het mean? Cheers
The jargon in any given subject can be incredibly nonintuitive. :)

Check out the "Sooo confused" thread today on this forum. It asks the same question.