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Why did the Rat Snake cross the Road? .........


Common Sense Holder
My guess is because we went down into the 40's last night and he's looking for a warm spot.

This guy/gal was huge. I estimate about 6 feet. I got close enough for the picture, and he/she just stared at me.


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Those big grey rats like that will let you just pick them up. Great snakes.

Yeah, I've caught a bunch of them over the years. Usually when I'm out looking for snakes I'll have a "Snake Hook" with me along with a measuring tape and a good camera. But I saw this critter on my way home from work and I had "None of the Above."

My main concern was for him to get off the road because so many people think "Running over a snake" is acceptable. I took the pic with my phone (poor quality and all) and stood there with him until he slithered back into the trees.