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Why where you are from matters!


It never gets old!
First, I'm speaking only for myself here.

After looking over the site rules, I don't think there is a rule that you have to make your exact location public here. Rich can correct me if I'm wrong. However, I think it is very useful if people at least post a general location. Something like "Somewhere in time" is cute but not very useful.

Why might it be a good idea to put your location? It helps those who are trying to answer you. When I have a location from the poster, I've been able to look up a local herpetological society listing for someone, help find websites for possible herp vets in their area, and direct them to the right Amazon site or other retailers for the supplies they need. And I think if you are trying to sell or acquire an animal either by purchase or rescue, it is essential.

If you can, at least give the country. If you can, give the state or other administrative division in your country. If you can't do the city or more specific location for reasons of safety and security, I certainly understand. Having escaped domestic violence and surviving a very ugly and threatening divorce, I know that sometimes exact locations are not very safe to give. At the least the country you are in helps a lot if you can see your way clear to share that info.

I feel I've seen a little more of this creative location stuff recently. I also feel like the more people do this, the more it makes it normal for other people to do this. At least think about giving a legitimate location. You can change your location in your user control panel at any time.