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Silver Queen Ghost Corn Snake

Rich Z
05-08-2018, 02:52 AM
From my retired SerpenCo.com website.

Silver Queen Ghost Corn Snake

I have to be honest that I am reluctant to offer this particular cultivar for sale as a separately named cultivar, yet it is definitely substantially different looking from other lines of Ghosts I am working with. This line originated from some Miami Phase stock from a LONG time ago that also produced a variant of Hypomelanism that I refer to internally as my 'Scarlet Corns'. Out of this same genetic stock came a line of Candy Canes that has gone a long way to helping me eliminate the orange background coloration, and has provided many animals that exhibit the 'frosted' look. So this line has a lot going for it.

Like the name implies, most of these are very light silvery gray in color with slightly darker colored blotching. In some specimens it appears that the yellow coloration so typical in nearly all other lines of ghosts is completely absent. Some will also exhibit the 'frosted' look in that the blotches will have lighter centers than the outside edges. There are also a few (which are mostly keepers at this point) that appear to have patternless silver gray heads and unpatterned abdomens. There is no telling how many offshoot variants that might come from this line.

Prior to the year 2000, EVERY one I have produced in the past has been marked as a keeper. I am now producing way too many to possibly keep, and yet feel they are different enough that I certainly don't want to sell them as just run of the mill Ghost Corns. So there you have it. Breeding trials I did in 2000 has shown me that this is genetically standard 'A' Anerythrism and Hypomelanism, but there is something different in them that presents a rather interesting looking variant of the Ghost. I will be sticking with the new name, justifying it by the argument that they are every bit as different from the typical Ghost as a Candy Cane or Fluorescent Orange is from a standard Amelanistic corn. I have produced a BUNCH of them over the years and seen enough Ghost corns to know that these are definitely something different to look at.