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  • Hey there, haven't seen any updated photos of yr corn snake Willow is she doing alright and getting bigger? You wouldn't happen to want to buy another baby would you? I have 18 babies for sale...30.00 each. I have some different colors to choose from and most of them have eaten 2 or 3 times so far for me...Hope you are doing well. Have a wonderful weekend!
    You've got a GREAT job, then! I'm jealous :). I was a Special Ed teacher for 5 years, and if I'd been able to do it at a zoo, I probably wouldn't have quit after 5 years! LOL! The students were great. It was the "politics" of the school bureaucracy that drove me nuts :).
    Your job undoubtedly pays better than mine does :). I've worked in animal shelters and for veterinarians, but I was raised in the country. Around here, the only zoo around is in the city. What do you do? Anything in the zoo short of cleaning human restrooms would be good by me! LOL!
    Oh dear! That's an inside joke, because we have so many pets. So I guess you'd call it the Z&IE Petting Zoo, if anything :). We have several of each--parrots, dogs, snakes, fish, a cat and grown children. Sounds, looks, and feels like a zoo to me! *grins*
    I'm not against foreign students or people but it really sticks that I had that many foreign speaking professors in college in one semester. It just made it that much more difficult for me to press on and force myself to go anyway. Which , obviously after August to Dec I decided I wasn't going to keep going. So I came home to Bloomingotn, and got hired on at Cook Inc. for 2 1/2 yrs.
    Nice! History was a pretty easy subject for me in High school. In college though when I took world history, it was a lot harder to do. Mostly, because I had a foreign speaking professor that I just could not understand. So I stopped going after a few times. It just wasn't worth my time or effort to try and go when I wasn't learning anything. I had two other professors like that as well and after my Bike accident I decided not to go to any of them accept for my English/creative writing class which was in the same building I had my dorm in.
    Nice to meet you...what did you major in at IU? I went to Ball State University back after I graduated from South High school in 1999. I only went for a semester before coming back home. I had a bad bicycle accident and banged up my legs/knees pretty bad. Although, now I am just fine without any problems. I have been wanting to go back to school for sometime now but just don't have time and resources to do it with. If I ever did have the chance to go back I would go for Medical Billing and Coding specialist/transcription. And minor in photography.
    Hey, again. Cool, I bet you are excited about getting yr first corn snake. If you ever have questions feel free to email me on here or at my aol email address okay? I'm just living here...I've been living in Bloomington for about 12 yrs now. But I don't go to IU. How about you? Do you go to IU or Ivy Tech?
    Hello, I see you are in Bloomington,IN? I am as well and I am trying to find others that are as well and make friends or acquaintances with them. I have had the hardest time finding someone else in Bloomington,IN that has corn snakes or any kind of snake for that matter! Right now I have four corn snakes of my own-well three are mine one I bought for my 5 yr old niece. If you would like to chat sometime on here you can email me at angiewildphoto26{at}aol (dot)com. Talk to you later...

    I am now but am leaving in five minutes. I am also very young to the corn snake business, I would look for a more experienced individual to answer your questions (Kathy Love is a good person to talk to)
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