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  • Actually, I played in Lillian, AL the other night. Was a ton of fun, strictly acoustic, and my fingers are still sore! How are you, brother?
    hey chad! im back from service lol. hope u had a good 4th! ill be on alot more so talk to ya later! cya =]
    Sounds cool! I use the Randall MTS series tube amp with the interchangeable tube preamps. It's awesome! I have a hotrodded Marshall in one channel and a Fender Blackface Twin in the other. I have 10 different modules to swap out. I LOVE this amp!
    hey Chad..they are great..is taking a little longer for the to hatch but I already gots my first pippies;)...
    Well, I could if I could find my flashlight. Dang kids! But they do look really nice except the 3 slugs. I'll find that flashlight today and see what I see. :)
    Thanks for stopping in to say hi! Things are good here, busy with work and live, I have 8 corns and one king now. I see you just rescued a very adorable snow, is it a coral? or just a reg snow?
    I have a MIM Fender strat. And I'm pretty bad, though I'd probably be better if I practiced more. I haven't played/practiced in a few months now, too busy lately. Mostly I just fiddle with scales, attempt to learn chords (barre chords kill me!), and learn a riff or 2. Pretty sure my skills have slide down though, due to not practicing.
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