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  • Hi can anyone help me plz my snow corn escaped Monday after a feed and I'm worried my bulldog has eaten it. I'm I over stressing could she e hiding somewhere I've searched high and low put out food trap water bowles comfy hiding places with hides against walls and still no signs.
    Thanks for friending Cornflake86. How big is your snake now? I take it these pics were taken a while ago? Seems like most of the members of this site are across the pond. D'ya fancy trying to reach other UK owners and getting our numbers up? God knows how we'd do it but I think your group's a good starting place. I've added some more Pics of Ahyoka my snake aswell. let me know. .().().Skinz.().().
    Hi cornflake86. Just joined the group you created on cornsnakes.com. got no friends on here myself yet and just wondered if you wanted to get this group off the ground properly???
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