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  • You can make a "bath" by putting paper towels or sphagnum moss in a closed container (with air holes), filling with room temp water to the top of the paper towels, and then putting the snake in.
    thank you i will try that for now i have just been turning it on when im home so i can monitor the temperature
    Can you ever get a thermostat? I think I would put a piece of slate or thick ceramic tile over the UTH, with the rheostat at the lowest setting, and check the temp after about 12 hours. You need to have a tile that is flat on the bottom, not grooved. Or turn it over to the top is facing down, so there is no possibility the baby would get under it. Some people do keep hatchlings with a warm area of up to 90F, as long as they have plenty of room to get away, but that would make me uncomfortable. If you can get to 86, 87, I'd feel a lot better. 84-85 would be good, given your warm room temps.

    When you have an adult snake, 80F without heat on for the summer is fine.
    hi i was wondering if any one had advise for heating, my 20 gal long glass screen top tank is at 80 degrees F before heating and lighting, if i turn on my heating pad it gets to 90 degrees, i am using a rheostat, which is to hot for my baby (4 months) corn i don't
    know if this is ok and i don't go to the vet for another week or so.
    on an unrelated note any name ideas?
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