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  • I got all settled in from my move to Cali! :) And now that the babies have settled in too I took them out for some photos. Here's the thread. Enjoy!
    Hello, I noticed you were a breeder and was wondering if you had any hatchlings available? Thanks!
    Thanks :) Yep he was born on the 21st of December.. I haven't made a thread yet, but was getting ready to right now.. Just been busy :) He's a good baby so far :)
    Awe! He's so precious! :) I can't believe how big he's gotten since I first saw him when I first got Aly and Charlie!
    Everything is great here. Classes start up again tomorrow. My last semester! :D I'm so excited. And I got a new addition to the family, Tripp. He's a cat that totally acts like a dog. Got him from the local shelter this week. I made a thread about him in the General area I believe. :)
    How's everyone down there doing?
    I updated Aly and Charlie's threads so you can see how big they are now! :)

    Aly's thread!

    Charlie's thread!
    Hi Kyle, nice to meet you. Yes, I'm a friend of Dans. I actually bought 4 of my 5 corns from him. Honestly, at this second I'm strapped for money. Sorry
    LOL-it's MS. Noob. Mr. Noob's been out on his ass since 1984.

    Right now, my herps are all over my bedroom and living room. We'll be working on the herp room over the winter, though. I have to hoe out the sewing/computer/storage room.

    I'm living with 2 dogs/11 cats/34 cresties/2 goldens/3 corns/50-ish lateralis roaches/1 female daughter.
    LOL-just noticed I typed NOB instead of NOOB...I must have "can't type for crap syndrome" again!!

    Yeah-my daughter's been bugging me for snakes for a few years now, and since she does so well with the cresties, I figured I'd give corns a go. She really wanted a SIGB, but they're hard to come by in our area, and I hate the idea of killing anoles.

    All three of our little corns are eating like piggies and they've all shed in the last week, so I guess they're doing okay.

    I have to work on our herp room and set up a shelf for them with Flex-watt. Right now I have them in my room on an old TV stand with a space heater in front of it for a hot zone.

    Rosebud-the snow-is still a bit skittish, but Kohl and Coral don't mind being handled at all.

    All in all, they're doing very well, in spite of their temporary improvised set-ups.
    Ouchhhh! Definitely a touchy subject, sorry I asked and sorry it's been so crappy for you. My Lava Okeetees hatched ok, my Lava Blood are down to 2 eggs that are late and my het Cinder Stripes are down to 3 eggs. Other than that, waiting on Lav Bloods that look pretty good so far.
    Awe Kyle. I'm so sorry to hear. :( Glad you have your little miracle though! Are you not selling anything besides geckos then this year?
    Hey Kyle, been a little sparse around these parts lately, huh? How's your breeding season going?
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