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  • Everything sounds like it's going well. Too funny; I have a son named Jack. I'm glad you got even further into snakes. Me too. The Repticon is in Phoenix next weekend; I'm going and already greasing the wheels with my wife to try and convince her that I need another. If she gives in (and she will :)) I'll probably get some kind of boa. I really like them.

    Dexter is still giving me problems. I just got back from his second trip to the vet. He's baffled too; the snake has no feeding response whatsoever. Dex got a few shots of B-complex and Metro-something-or-other, which may stimulate his appetite. Plus he's having me move him into a small sterilite container to try to replicate how he lived with his breeder, when he was last eating voluntarily. So, we'll see.

    My teserra has given me a bit of drama too. She regurged a meal three weeks ago. I wasn't too freaked out, because she's been just a voracious eater. I have been following Kathy Love's instructions to a tee, and so far so good. She has successfully taken her last two meals without incident, along with some nutribac to help replenish her belly acids.

    Well, anyway, it was good to hear from you. See ya.
    Yes, I am positive. You've made me smile many times today, just in your offer and that really goes a million miles. Tell your wife for me that you can never have enough snakes! Tell her that's from one wife to another. ;-) ~Kendra
    Are you positive? You'd make my wife pretty happy by taking it, LOL! She's got this CRAZY notion that we have enough snakes in the house. But seriously, I really would love for you to have it. It's fine, of course, if you have other plans. Either way, I know you'll make some snake happy!!
    JB, that is so incredibly thoughtful and generous of you. I'm blown away by the kindness of your offer and am deeply honored by it. I hope you stay in the winning position and keep the Tessera or alternate prize, and that any trouble you're having with your new Dumerils is quickly overcome. I know from your kindness and generosity a Tessera would be in an amazing home with you, and you deserve it. Nanci also has reached out to me to offer one of her little Miami babies. I am so touched by how this community looks out for one another. I'm pretty torn up about little Sixx. But it's strange how the world works sometimes - because of Sixx, I've encountered people like you and all who've given support, guidance, and encouragement toward Sixx's care. It just really makes me understand how wonderful all of you are in this community. ~Kendra
    Gemeniluna, I'm playing in the cornsnakes.com football pick 'em league and am currently in first place, which would "pay out" with an amel Tessera corn snake if I can hang on and win the season. Second and third place would win gift certs from a few of the breeders here on the site. I'd like to offer you my prize, whichever it turns out to be, in light of the impending passing of Sixx. After seeing how you cared for him and the tremendous effort and care you gave him to try to save his life, I'd be honored to have you take my winning snake! I've been wanting a Tessera; they're beautiful, but honestly, I've got a new Dumerils boa that's giving me a bit of trouble, so perhaps another time down the road I'll get myself a Tessera. Let me know. I know he'd be in good hands with you. JB
    Hey, a bunch of us are waiting impatiently for an update on Sixx. I hope he is continuing to improve!
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