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  • thanks for the friend request, im so excited to check out the Repticon show, this will be my first Reptile show, its gonna be like a kid in a candy store for me !
    Recently rehomed my little dumerils, I suspected it but once I finally probed he probed male. My vet had been drooling over dums since she met my big guy so we made a deal. He covered one of my vet bills for the cats I keep finding and rescuing. A lot has been going on. I have moved and now I'm paying mortgage but it's so worth it.
    I am just seeing this, sorry! I am in the NW part of the state, not too far from the St. Croix.
    Okay, lets see here.. 2 dumerils, a kenyan sand boa, red tail boa, 2 amazon tree boas, pueblan milk, clutch of 12 remaining baby corns, 3 yearling corns, 2 adult corns, a locality black rat... uhh, I think that's all the snakes. Add a 2 year old sulcata and 2 leopard geckos and that's all the herps. 7 dogs 8 cats and a ten gal. colony of mice will be everyone... I think.
    Lawd I don't have room for another boa, when my little dum girl and Chris's red tail girl gets big they're going to be eating us out of house and home, you know how girls get bigger.So I'm at 3 large snakes already. I'm holding back a lot of my corn snake clutch trying to see what they grow into, with all the weird oranges I've got maybe one red amel and those different looking 'snows.' I really don't need another snake, starting to wonder if my atb is showing baby bumps as well, she's wc... I kinda miss having a ball python though. He's begging me not to fill our new place up with snakes, we have a spare room and a big 4 car garage. The tortoise gets half the garage and all of the back yard when we move.
    Hey! Dasher's doing just fine so far. He's had two small meals (small pinky split length-wise with nutribac) since his 10 day recovery, and has been fine with each so far. Last one was just Saturday evening, so as soon as another day or two passes, I'll feel lots better. Knocking on wood that his regurge was just a fluke never to be repeated!

    How'd Dexter doing?
    No problem! I HAVE heard about Predator's Reptile Center. Unfortunately, I haven't visited them since they moved to their new location a couple of years ago... Christian (who used to own it when they were closer to me) did seem to care about all their animals and he gave me some great deals on feeders and T's back then. The only downside I saw - in this previous location - was the smell of all the live feeders and stuff. I hope that in their new location, they've got an answer for that.
    What is their address? Seems to me that I should stop by there sometime in the VERY near future. :p
    Wooo that is awesome! I'm still working on getting mine to eat prekilled. Ugh. She's getting too big to still be eating mouse fuzzies.
    How has Dexter been since the vet trip? Has the B shot and the metro (metronidazole?) helped? You mentioned a bit of drama with your teserra and I think it's catching. I just came down from my routine morning snake-check, and found that Dasher (corn hatchling) regurged the meal I fed him the evening of March 6. Dang. All this time with zero issues, and wham! He shed on Feb 15 and nothing's different. Only thing I can think is that for some reason after eating he chose to stay curled on his driftwood in slightly cooler temps rather than go under his warm hide where he typically disappears for two days after eating. So here goes "the protocol" and all the equipment checks. Goodness knows I have tons of Nutri-bac still and am no stranger to the protocol. **sigh** :)
    Hey JB! Things are going well here! How's your Dumeril's? And how's the tessera?

    I've expanded my snake collection now to 3 Corns and 2 Ball Pythons, and all are doing fantastic. Two of the corns are Okeetees (2010 and 2011 "model years" as I call them). And one of the corns is a hatching and I have no clue what it is. I'll take a picture and post it on here for another bland "guess that morph" thread one of these days. I swore I wouldn't have a hatchling again after the heartbreak with Sixx, but I couldn't leave this little one for some reason. It was being sold as a "fancy" Corn snake, but what caught my eye with him (her?) was how engaged it was on tracking my every move from inside its little deli cup, and I couldn't leave it behind. The Okeetees are a thrill. Diane is the 2010 and she's always on the prowl looking for food. Her breeder said she was only for sale because she only took live food. Since I've had her, she's taken f/t without fail and she has a one-track-mind prey drive. I have to be careful when I open her enclosure daily to be sure she's not going to be right up in my face. Jack is the 2011 and is fairly laid back comparatively, but buzzes his tail with attitude whenever he's in the process of eating his meal. Dasher is the little hatchling and is usually out on his driftwood piece watching me. The two ball pythons, of course, remain under their salad bowls most of the time but are fun all the same. Glad I didn't give up on snakes after Sixx, but jumped in further! Even my husband helps me out with feeding and holds them while I go through and spot clean the enclosures!
    Nah, not really, thinking about being a nerd and naming them after game characters. Sorry yours isn't eating yet... are you leaving live pinks in with him overnight? That's how my girl would eat. Pinkies can't hurt them, that's the only thing I would leave in there alive.
    I was thinking she needs a soft sweet name like Lily or Sophie, but I see you have a Sophie lol. I just don't know. Valentine's day will be 1 year that I've had my big guy and he still has no name. Thought about calling him Saturn, after the Greek god of peace and wealth.
    Mites, ugh. I had enough trouble with them on my mice, never had snake mites before though, hope the treatment gets him feeling better. He's such a handsome little cutie. Even through all the problems I'm enjoying our stories and how we're raising up two babies the same age. My girl ate again, 2 live mouse fuzzies. So weird though, she rolls them all around with her nose before she finally bites and constricts. I finally got a pair of rats so I'm hoping she'll take rats prekilled. The male is just weaned though so it will be a while. I really need to name my 2 Dums...
    Any progress? My girl is taking her third meal on her own in a row, I think we're going to be okay. Problem is they have all been live fuzzies, she has eaten f/t for me in the past, I just hope she'll start taking those as readily as she does the fuzzies. It still takes her a few minutes when I offer it to her, I just put it in her tub and she'll sniff at it and inspect her room for a bit before she eats. I'm sure your baby will be fine, I didn't want to stress her either but it seems like she eats better if I hold her for a minute first. She also doesn't leave me if I'm holding her and letting her roam a bit on my bed, she always comes back and curls up on me, and I don't think it's for warmth.
    I haven't weighed him yet, as I've been worried about unnecessary stress on him. He doesn't look to be thinning, to me. But I should get him weighed so I can track his progress, or lack thereof.
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