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  • Your avitar, the one with snakes on your head. I love pics of owners with their snakes on their heads or wrapped around necks or bodies. I think they show a contented love, and bond that you just don't get with pics of just the snake. Your normal corn is the one that looks like my old guy.
    I always had a soft spot for normals, cause that's the way they are in the wild. As well, being normal, I figure they're the least sought after, and I like rooting for the underdog. LOL. Are all your snakes corns?
    Hey, I'm WolfKin. That pic intrigued me so I had to check out your family. You've got some beautiful snakes. One looks just like a normal I had 14 years ago, he was 5'2". I miss my monster. So now I'm growing another. A 9 month old Anery, is my new bundle of serpentine joy. I have a couple of albums if you're interested.
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