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  • If it is the granite that I remember that they had a while ago, they kept her by herself in a 10g tank. They are really good about keeping them apart. Sometimes they have kept snakes together but they double check all sexes to make sure.

    The clutch I rescued was just eggs that I hatched and they were aneries and normals.
    Thanks! I have a hypo fire female 2012 that I am hoping to pair with a baby from this breeding.

    These guys came from some awesome people! I was lucky to pick them up! This is my first year breeding. I hatched a rescue clutch last season that we got from Clarks. It was so cool. Everyone hatched healthy and they all ate!
    I paired a bloodred het pied with a granite het pied. Not sure if they are in my album. It was Banshee and Big Sam.
    it is...it's an male I photographed in AZ back in 2010. Unfortunately, the state of NM protects them and a NM Dept G&F Scientific and Educational Purposes permit is required for ownership. If I ever leave the state it'll be a species I work with.
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