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Jeff Linkchorst
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  • Ok just one more post...
    Marty had grown almost a foot since I got him, and my dad actually touched him!
    Our zoo now had 3 snakes. One more corn, his name's Cody, and he's albino. Red eyes and all. Funny thing is, I don't know anything about morphs or anything like that, so that's where knowing whathe is stops. My dad pet cody right away! Much smaller, less intimidating, ect...
    Ok, I swear, last message post for a bit. Have a good day,
    Hey, I just got back from vacation and just snaped a pic of the eggs, still about a month to go for them but they all look great so fingers crossed.
    Hey man, Hows your season going? I sure am trying to breed them I have introduced them a few times but the male doesnt seem to be getting the concept. I have 3 clutchs due this week after there laid Ill put the rest of the pairs togther and I hope the male will get it by then.
    Never got the carpet laid. It's been sitting on the garage floor for a long time. Guess I should roll it out & see if it's still good.
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