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  • All is well, just woke everyone up for 2014. Missed this visitor message, but thanks for checkin' in!
    Could you please tell me if you could ship to Canada(Whistler),and the price also.
    Hey! I've been pretty good and summer has been really fun for me, snakes are are good too. Gandalf eats like no tomorrow and is a great little snake (after the initial tail rattle when I lift up his hide) and nearly everyone that used too not like snake now likes them because of him. How have you been then?
    Let me know how they do, eating & such. If you're not going to keep her, (or if you want to do a breeding loan type thing) I bet she would be cool to add to the Miami Tessera project. :)
    I might be interested in one of the Anery Miami females (normal, not pinstripe) for my Miami Tessera project.
    Hmmmm, sorry about that. He hasn't struck, you had said he was a bit skittish and he was but he has calmed down a lot. He actually shed 2 weeks ago.
    If she wants to start playing with me, I'm game! I even got to make a custom infraction. Maybe she'll want to beat ares' record of how fast someone can get banned!
    Silly goose! ;) I even set it up for you to receive e-mail notification, but maybe I had an incorrect e-mail.
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