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Lunar Gecko
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  • It's that time of year again. The PDX Reptile Expo... I can't wait! As usually I will not be planning to purchase any new additions, but high white and albino kings always catch my eye.

    We will also be having another breakfast get together before the show just outside the doors of the show. I was there around 8am then jumped into line around 9am I think. Anyone who would like to come a bit before the show is more than welcome, bring a little something breakfasty to share. It worked out great at the last show. Hope to see you / meet you there!
    Oops! I guess I did reply on my own page. I will have to check out Pangeareptile.com. I do have one of their care sheets on cresties that was recommended to me by someone on the ball python forum. Thanks!
    Nice to 'meet' you, I'll send you an invite to our Pac. NW corns group. Welcome
    LOL! That's okay, this is the only animal based forum where my name is not Charis. First forum I joined & I was feeling really unimaginative, so I just did the name of my first snake.
    Hi Lunar!
    This is Charis on Pangea. Charis is my user name almost everywhere else.
    Glad to have you on here. See ya around!
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