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  • Look down n my forum for a thread called Fred: A Lone No Longer or something. It's about halfway down the second page, if you have your settings set on most posts. It details the treatment.
    Hi! Can you send me an address of a Fedex location I can have your lady held for pick up?
    Hi, Tavia. I really enjoyed reading the book; thanks for loaning it to me! I'm taking it to the post office today so you should have it sometime next week.
    That's exciting! You know that all I wanted was for you to 'enjoy' making it no matter how long it took, right? So it's all good. I'm gonna' love it and get LOTS of use out of it. Make sure you enclose some business cards!!!
    Thanks! I'll let you know as soon as I receive it. I hope it comes today because I was hoping to read it during my vacation.
    Hey lady. I was going to contact you tomorrow about it. I haven't received it yet. Did you mail it parcel post? I think that can take a while. But it's been over a week, right? Also, to make matters more complicated, I am going to be on vacation next week and asked you to mail it to my work address because there's always someone here to get the mail. So I won't know if it gets here until I get back. Although, I can ask my awesome admin to call me next week if it comes in. Would you like me to do that so we can make sure it isn't lost? I hope it's not lost in snail-mail-land.
    Thanks, Tavia! I was so amazed I took a good picture. ;) It's actually a cute story. I came home Saturday night and both Sienna and Firefly were out and about. Their vivs are right next to each other but they can't see each other. I was sitting down looking at the two of them, talking to them back and forth. At one point, I was really talking to Firefly a lot because she was climbing the glass and it was so cool. I looked over at Sienna and she had slowly inched forward closer and closer and was looking at me. I could tell she was curious about what I was doing. It was priceless. I snapped her picture before she could move. :D
    Wow, that was fast. Thanks so much! I look forward to devouring...um, I mean reading, it. :)
    Thanks, Tavia! I really appreciate that. I'm borrowing the one titled, "Crested Geckos and relatives" by Richard Bartlett. If I like it, I might just buy it and the one you mentioned, which I have also seen. Could I let you know after I've read the first book? Have fun in Montana; I've always wanted to go there.
    That is scary, but I'm sure she'll love you. Good luck! I didn't mean for you to go through the book. I just thought you might know of a couple of things off the top of your head. I'll be doing a lot of research, so hopefully I'll find any discrepancies. Have a great weekend!
    Yikes! That's scary, Tavia. I didn't see any really recent books. If you have a minute, could you tell me what to watch out food. I know baby food isn't supposed to be good. By the way, I read somewhere that some people's cresties didn't like the reformulated CGD. I'm not sure when it was reformulated (sorry; I can't remember, I've read so many posts). Did yours have any problems?
    I am definitely thinking of getting one. I am borrowing a book from the library to read up on them. There's another great book out there that's supposed to be terrific, but it's out of print and any remaining copies are waaaay expensive. I don't think it was a recent post; I was searching for gecko threads one day and read this one. It was probably over a year old. Guess I should have mentioned that in my visitor message. ;-) I'm a goof ball.
    Awwwww! I love cresties. My avatar was drawn by Mayra Boyle (Huskie666 if you google her)

    I'll have to get some pics of my crested kids up this weekend.
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