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  • Hiya Martin,

    Tried sending you a PM but your PM inbox is too full. So, the system rejected my PM to you. Thus, am posting this visitor message, to your profile, with the hopes that you will see it.

    I sent you an email on the 10th of July. Haven't received a reply.
    Hope you are okay.
    If you can, please respond by email since my CS.com PM inbox is just about full and I may not get a PM.

    Another New Yorker here. I'm in Brooklyn. That hike looks awesome! I love hiking/camping too. You're gonna have an amazing time! Good luck!
    we catch brookies and cutthroats (in that area we mostly got cutthroats) man they taste good, not huge (12"-16") but usually plenty
    I like to go backpacking, wish I could go all the time. I do have a nice trip planned for this year at the beginning of August, wanna go? We will be hitting a 14er (Mount of the Holy Cross) and doing some fishing.
    In case u didn't get the message that I resend im going to the city today and I wanted to stop by and pick the tanks just call me or txt me on this number 6313776294 and if I don't answer call at 6313779230 thnxs
    Hey! There happens to be a few of us actually. Vinman, who lives in the Bronx, breeds some nice bloodreds. I got a few candycanes and a creamsicle from a guy in Queens, and now you! I'm going to the reptile expo in white plains next weekend so hopefully I'll meet some new corny people from the NYC area.
    Good to see someone else in the NYC area. I'm from Brooklyn originally, but I go to school in MA. I'm sure there are a lot of us, but I've never met any.
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