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  • OH! BTW your first dancing injury will probably be a sprained diaphram. Its the strangest and funniest injury I have ever encountered!;)

    FIND A GOOD TEACHER! I have back problems, knee problems and a hairline fracture in my toe. My sister-in-law has back problems. (We live 3 hours apart. ) We both took belly dance lessons. She quit because what the teacher was telling her to do, hurt her back. My class is an even split between the young, pretty, things with rubber for bones and the middle aged, thicker crowd with certain limitations!
    My teacher warns us older gals that this move could hurt, if so, DON'T DO IT! She tailors her classes to our strengths. Also if you can do a move and the teacher can't, there are always videos. Join a good, supportive BD forum and lots of helpful people will give you the list of instructional videos.
    Go for it! And Good Luck!

    Hey there. I saw your post on the new year's resolution thread. I've been thinking of trying belly dancing. I was wondering...is it hard? Does it require a lot of back flexibility? I was injured in a car accident and don't have a ton of flexibility in my spine anymore. Thanks! :)
    Just an FYI, one of the caramel stripes is a female. I believe its NF-11-07. There is an updated picture thread in the picture forum. I havent offered food yet, but im going to very soon. If you want i can keep you updated.
    If I can get Mom to hold a snake SKIN without cringing, that will be an ENORMOUS step forward for her. IF that were to happen, I would be SHOCKED! I just want her back in my house again, even if I have to cover all the tanks with sheets. That's as far as I'll go. I will NOT get rid of them!

    Glad I could help with the editing and that your mom liked the article. You write pretty well actually. My family are about as keen on snakes as they are on me, but that really doesnt bother me - since the less chance I have of mother darling marching in and redecorating my flat to *her* taste every 10 minutes, the better.
    Maybe its time to introduce your mother to that cute laid back Sand Boa?... probably better than the Corns @ first anyway.

    Glad I could help

    Jemma xx

    I am going to make a few small changes to what you've written and repost it - in the main its good - and you have a sense of humour almost as evil as mine in some respects - there are a couple of little bits that I have noticed tho - I'll send it back on here or I can email it if thats easier..
    Thanks for joining!

    Hiya! How do I join your anything sand boa group???? ( Or is it really simple and I'm just not seeing it because I just woke up and the caffeine hasn't hit yet! )

    Cool! Bluto got FRIEND! That's what I love about this list. There's all these neat little features stuck in the corners that I don't know about. ( I'm still trying to figure out how to post pics onto the public message! ARRGGHH! )

    Hey Devon, Great to hear from another dark elf lover! I don't get too critical over grammar, I just love how RA tells his stories! :)
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