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  • In general, about 50% of the clutch *should* be Tessera's, but it doesn't always work out that way.
    I am on egg watch now. They should be hatching fairly soon! :)
    I just saw your post on your page here (meant for me, I assume?)

    I do not do reserves, or a list, especially without having eggs/babies yet.

    Once babies are hatched and established eating, I will hold animals with a non refundable deposit.

    Also, it looks like I will be using two Miami females to pair with my Miami Tessera male, Brokk, so if Murphy is kind to me, I may have several Miami Tessera's to chose from. We shall see. :)

    I will have to see how they turn out, before pricing them.
    :) How do I reserve?!?! How much? Lol.

    But, seriously, please, if you could consider me when doing so, I would love and can all but promise you (unless financial items come up between now and then) that I certainly would buy one from you.

    Understand if you do not hold animals Perfectly ok, just honestly love these snakes to a level no other can match at the moment.
    Sadness. I will be monitoring though, just in case. Brokk may be one of my favorite snakes I've seen out there (at least cornsnake). So awesome.

    Anyway, let me know if things change and you put it back into your plans. Thanks for letting me know :)
    I tried for a Miami Tessera clutch this year, but didn't get eggs. It was the first year for both of them.
    We don't have any co-breeding plans at the moment.
    The one I have available now is a male bloodred (diffused) stripe :) he's gorgeous and also in the for sale section. I'm getting ready to breed reverse okeetees (amels) and later ill be breeding lavender motleys and opal motleys. I don't have any rosy boas, sorry, but getting ready to have a bunch of kenyan sand boas! Good to meet you! If you have anymore questions I'm here :)
    Hi! I saw your wanted and and just wanted to let you know that I am a breeder in VA. I live about 45 min west of manassas. While I only have one hatchling available at this time, he's not on your list. But I wanted to tell you in the future I will have hatchlings that may interest you :)
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