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  • Chris, Thanks for the rep and I'm glad we agreed on that last post. Its always fun talkin' with you man. You definitely make me think more than other members lol Keep it up!
    Where's your Shiney????? ;) Used to your name being in red... I just wanted to tell you, although very very late, Happy birthday.. I was waiting for your birthday to come to tell you and then well yeah, time passed me by as usual... I did that to my mom and my ex husband this year as well :( I'm horrible.. Horrible but I have good intentions....
    Hope you had a great birthday.. :D

    I've been out of town and am having trouble with sending/reading the pm's we have been tossing back and forth on the purchase of Bootsy. Very interested as he is what I'm looking for. If you have anything else your interested in selling I might be interested...my wife is a teacher possibly looking for something cool for her class room this has worked in the past in raising up a couple females! The kids love them once they move past the fear placed on them by others. Really hope to hear back from you on Bootsy...promise to keep the name to as it's pretty cool.

    LOL no I didn't think so, but you know!! ;) So what if you ever find a striped Sonora semiannulata? Have you fed it yet? They are so freaking cute when they hunt.
    Hi Chris,
    Nice meeting you over the weekend and thanks for all the info, I probably should have went cruising with you, when you went we followed the map but got there kinda late,so we didnt find anything,the kids wanted to fish more then cruise around looking for snakes. We left Bishop yesterday evening on the way home we spotted a rosy! When we finally pulled over on the shoulder it was gone! Kinda bummed about that.Anyway wish I coulda spent more time with you but like I said the kids wanted to fish and we didnt spend much time there, but it was a awesome visit as usual . We plan to go back out again and maybe I can call or something to set up a time to visit. Thanks Stephen
    My Man you have some great shots in your Photo gallery. Adventurers are a hard breed. My walls have been high to, but nothing feels greater then standing on top of that rock after.....Maybe being a Dad, Only the future will tell. Peace Bro, Happy Herp'n
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