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  • Thought you might like seeing how "fat" Mystic is getting. I am so excited to see her babies...the wait it killing me! Thank you Skippy!
    Hey, the thread got locked so I couldn't respond there. I didn't lose my whole collection, just all of my holdbacks from last year, and a few purchases I made last year. All were yearling or younger. They weren't vital, but important enough that it put a serious damper on future breeding goals, and I've thinned a good amount of my adults because of it...
    Hey, Payton. Just wanted you to know that my last post in the care topic, where I mentioned taking offense to the slander of early in the thread...it was NOT a referance to you or anything you said. I know we got heated, and had words, but...You're one of the good guys, and I let my emotions get in the way of that. I do apologize for that.
    Hey there! Good to see you getting back into things again! You need to start posting some pics of your awesome collection for me to drool over again.
    Haha Thanks Nanci I'm trying to get back into it. Finally have a little time and the college career is finally summing up this semester so I'm looking into putting some more time into the snakes. Plus, I've got like... 18 snakes I need to push in order to bring in some more genetics and more projects. How've you been Miss "I love the smell of garter musk" LOL I was about to give you a hard time for that post but I figured I should come back in a little quieter manner ;) Good to see you again and thanks for the welcome Nanci!
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