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    I made my corn ill please help

    My corn snake didn't poop AT ALL for a month, so as you can imagine I was VERY worried because I had been feeding him properly and regulaly, there are no herp vets anywhere near where I live so I just used my common sense and gentely squeezed the snakes body and pushed towards the opening. Im...
  2. D

    I accidentally killed it.

    So I was attempting to hold my snake, and it started biting me everywhere and thrasing around so i got mad and held it by its tale and wacked its head off the wall now its not moving? Do you think the snakes dead or just knocked out?
  3. D

    My corn snakes ing stupid.

    I have a stupid corn snake that runs away and hides each time i turn on a light, enter the room or make any movement. I cant change the water because it bites everytime. Its ing stupid. Cant be handled.
  4. D


    I think i have fed my snake a pinky that is too big? My snake has had the thing stuck in his mouth not even a quater of the way down for the past 20 minutes!!! What shall i do?
  5. D


    Its absolutly IMPOSSIBLE to handle my snake. Ive had the snake about a month now and i cannot handle it AT ALL. I just tried a second ago and my finger did not even touch the snake i just got close and the snake sprinted across the viv and tried to dig through a PAPER TOWEL? The snake even...