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New member
I think i have fed my snake a pinky that is too big? My snake has had the thing stuck in his mouth not even a quater of the way down for the past 20 minutes!!! What shall i do?
First off don't panic. Second - what do you mean you think you fed it a pinky? You don't know what size it is?
Can you take a picture and post it?
I wouldn't worry - snakes know if something is too big or not, if she can't get it down she will give up and spit it out.
Yes and its not even 1/4 of the way down yet. No i fed the snake a pinky, a big pinky and hes taking an unusually long time to eat it.
Ok- if the pink is in the snake's mouth, I would try to remove it gently. Usually anything in a snake's mouth is very slimey.

But do you mean it's 1/4 of the way down the whole snake, like where the stomach is?? Then you should see a bump there for a day at least.
He must have posted that while I was still typing! I'd go smaller next time to be safe- I've got a regurger who was set off by a too-big mouse- I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
If it ever happens again...

Just take a scissors and cut the back half of the pinky off (assuming it is not a live pinky). Messy, but it works. Your snake is less likely to regurge if the item is not oversized. If he is able to digest it without regurging, then it may not be too big. If it does regurge, DO NOT feed again until you read the regurge FAQ on these forums.