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  1. chris68

    Southeast Florida locale corn snake

    Wild caught female :grin01:
  2. chris68

    2019 Eastern kinsnake

    VA Beach locale :grin01:
  3. chris68

    2019 Andean milksnake

    A male from a pair of Andeans I raised here, I'm look forward to seeing babies from this guy and a sibling in '22 :grin01:
  4. chris68

    5 day amelanistic black rat het "licorice"

  5. chris68

    Breeder pair of black rats for this year

    Female, Male :grin01:
  6. chris68

    "Sunset" line black rat males

    Amelanistic and hypomelanistic?...I'm honestly not sure, but this line was started by Mr George Miskimons from MD, who purchased two "Albino" black rat snakes from Dick Bartlett, one red, one white. These produced normals in the first generation, and over the last 30+ years Mr George has mixed...
  7. chris68

    Surprise...more black rat pics

  8. chris68

    "Rusty" black rat snake

    When two Rusty's are bred together the resulting clutch can contain normals, rusty's and leucistic black rats :grin01:
  9. chris68

    Extreme Reverse Okeetee

  10. chris68

    Keeper Okeetee from this year...

  11. chris68

    Baby Abbott line Okeetees

    All three are starting a shed cycle :grin01:
  12. chris68

    More black rats...

    A "Rusty" and an Amel :dancer:
  13. chris68

    Hatchling Okeetee...

    Showing that 'tude they are well known for :grin01:
  14. chris68

    "Orange" morph corns

    Amel + Buf make an "Orange". The female is also a Tessera. Both are het Dilute, Motley an Anery A :grin01:
  15. chris68

    Black rats are hatching...

    Normals het whitesided and amel, which was all I was expecting, and Amels het whitesideds, which I was not...:grin01:
  16. chris68

    Comparison pic of two male Okeetee's

    Both are from two different Abbott line breedings :grin01:
  17. chris68

    amel, ultra and ultramel hatchlings

    left to right from a few years ago
  18. chris68

    Pair of Black Rats

    Whitesided male and amelanistic female. Babies should hatch in July...
  19. chris68

    From way back, and was produced by our host

    :grin01: "Aztec" corn snake
  20. chris68

    2012 Abbott line Okeetees

    From Chip Bridges :wavey: