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2019 Eastern kinsnake

I once spent some time in northeastern North Carolina along the coast looking for broad banded eastern kings I was told could be found along route 158. Never did find any.

Also spent some time on Hatteras looking for "sticticeps" but of the several kings I did find there, nothing even came close to resembling the text book description of that animal. Also looked around on Okracoke Island, but never found anything except for a lone black racer.

Found some really sharp looking eastern kings in Calvert county in Maryland that were blue-black in color with yellow banding.

Always liked finding eastern kings, and they are so variable all across their range to make them quite interesting critters to look for.
I've found racers on OBX as well, but never an Eastern. I've seen a few in Anne Arundel COunty, but it has been a long time. Need to get out more this Spring, less fishing, more snake hunting lol..