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  1. Mdralston

    red-tailed boas

    I was wondering how much a red-tailed boa would cost through a pet store, and if they make good pets for a rather unexperienced snake keeper. I have some concerns about a snake that was recently purchased by someone I know. What is the cost of up keep for one? What size terrarium should a...
  2. Mdralston

    snow + snow= ?

    I have a little snow, and I was wondering if in a few years I bred her to a snow...what are we likely to get? do you guys recommend any books on corn genetics??
  3. Mdralston

    Hello from Nagini in WA

    Here are some pics of my little lady! I will try to get some more up once I get a new camera. This is Nagini.
  4. Mdralston

    quick question about feeding

    I've been searcing around (this site and general web searching) all day, and I have not been able to find the answer to my question. I was wondering when or if you start feeding two pinkies. Nagini is about 25 grams, and about 18ish inches long. The people at the pet store said to "feed two...
  5. Mdralston

    how many litters?

    I am curious about breeding feeders... I have been wondering, how many litters do you let your females have before you "retire" them? Is there even a limit, and how often do you let them breed? Just as often as they do, or do you put a "resting period" on each female after they give birth...
  6. Mdralston

    what is a "hopper"?

    I saw:confused: someone say that they fed their corn "hoppers", and I was wondering what the heck those are! :confused:
  7. Mdralston

    Not a great shed

    My snake is going through a shed for the first time since I've gotten her, and it doesn't seem to be going as well as I would hope. She didn't lose it all in one peice, and after two days still has some of the old skin on her. What can I do to help her? Also her skin still looks baggy, not...
  8. Mdralston

    Hello from Washington!

    I am a new corn snake owner. I never thought that snakes were going to be the pet for me, but I am hooked! I love my little girl! (well I think she's a girl!) we got her as a family Christmas present in November...she has really blended well into our menagerie of animals. There isn't much...