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    Looking for a friend

    Is there anyone with adult or sub adult females in the northern Ohio area for sale?
  2. T

    Considering downsizing cages

    Im looking to get a second snake to work on trying my had at breeding but i dont have space for another tank as big as the one i have now... its a 29 tall i believe. Two questions... What is the smallest cage a full grown corn can be in and is it safe to put an UTH on a plastic tote? I know ive...
  3. T

    thinking about breeding

    Ive been kicking around the idea of picking up a female and trying my hand at breeding. Is there anything major i should take into consideration?
  4. T

    she finally shed

    I noticed that Synder (my a little over a year old amel) was looking dull one day about a week and a half ago then she cleared up three days ago and stayed that way and nothing happened so i thought she must of changed her mind and decided it wasnt time to shed.lol. i got home yesterday and...
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    ?s about shedding

    my snake is going through her first shed with me. I noticed Monday that she was looking alot duller than usuall and there was a very small piece of skin loose on her nose. She hasnt gotten any farther into her shed since then and i was wondering if there was anything i could do to help her out...
  6. T

    My first dose of the addiction

    This is my first of many corns hopefully She doesnt have a name ive narrowed it down to Synder and Skoll any other suggestions would be appreciated (i stink at coming up with names) She is about 2 foot long
  7. T

    My waiting has finally paid off

    Yesterday was my birthday "party" and i got my first snake!!!!:dancer: Now i just have to wait till i get back from new york to get her set up. until then she is staying at my uncles. She is a beautiful amel, she is around a year old. I know you all love pics so there will be some on here next...
  8. T

    which substrate to use

    Im working on convincing my parents to let me have a corn snake. so im doin a bunch of research and pricing and other stuff to show that i can handle this. So my local pet store has "Forest floor cypress mulch" Repti bark, Aspen snake beding and Eco earth loose coconut fiber substrates. I'm not...
  9. T

    question about heating pad

    do heating pads need to be on all the time or would it be a good idea to get a timer for it
  10. T

    Have some Questions on getting started

    Working on convincing my parents to let me have a corn snake. I have done a ton of research but still have some things I couldnt find. I would appreciate it if someone could answer a couple of questions. About how much is the start up cost getting everything that my new friend will need? Do...