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she finally shed

The Newguy

New member
I noticed that Synder (my a little over a year old amel) was looking dull one day about a week and a half ago then she cleared up three days ago and stayed that way and nothing happened so i thought she must of changed her mind and decided it wasnt time to shed.lol. i got home yesterday and there was two halves of the shed in the tank. The only problem is i dont see the tip of the tail in it but the eye caps are so thats a good thing.:dgrin:
Awesome. Also, tail tip is more important than eye caps. The tail tip MUST come off or the corn is likely to lose its tail due to it losing circulation and falling off. Eye caps almost ALWAYS come off after 1-3 sheds after the first failed one. And actually, my corn's retained eye cap came off last shed when she went blue, but before shedding.
Ive ran my finger nail along her tail and didnt get anything plus I cant see any color change from the rest of her to her tail. Maybe it came off in a different spot and I cant see it
Hrm, if the shed was still attatched to the tail you'd probably see it, but since you're a "new guy", just to be sure, wet a wash cloth and have her slither through it a few times.. especially around the tail.
That should do the trick if there are any old parts of the shed lingering on.

Next time she looks like she's about to shed make her a moist hide. All you need is some sphagnum moss and any plastic container such as an old yogurt cup. Cut an opening in the yogurt cup, soak the moss, ring the moss out so it's not dripping wet, then put the damp moss into the yogurt cup. Secure the lid and place in your corn's home.
Sounds like she needed a little extra moisture though. Even if you dampen moss and put it around the viv, if it's not in a container it will dry out pretty quickly. You don't need to have the moist hide in at all times, just place it in her viv right after her eyes clear up the next time she's about to shed.