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The Cultivars (morphs)/Genetics Issues Discussions about genetics issues and/or the various cultivars for cornsnakes commercially available.

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Old 05-27-2023, 02:21 AM   #21
Gorgeous projects as usual! I really love the amount of purple your lavas have.
Old 06-08-2023, 08:15 PM   #22
Magma Flow Line

Originally Posted by hypnoctopus View Post
Gorgeous projects as usual! I really love the amount of purple your lavas have.
That is something I have been working on for many years. Got to the Border-less Gene out of the mix.

This year, I am breeding some of the offspring from my original Bloodred het Ice female with borders, that I produced ALL of the Magma Flow Line offspring from. I bred het to my Ice Bloodred in the past, and half of the offspring had borders, so he is het Border-less. This year, I am breeding the female to a son of hers, a Granite het Lava. He is a Dirty Boy!

My Magma Flow male I have been breeding this year, came from her, as well as this breeding between a Magma Flow x Granite het Lava female. I should see more Magma Flows, and 100% Bloodreds with Borders from these breedings.

The last photo is of a Magma Flow female from 2022. I think my goal of very Dirty Magmas is going to be achievable.
Old 06-08-2023, 08:22 PM   #23
2022 Magma Flow female

Magma Flows have been bred to remove the Border-less Gene from Magmas. I guess Magma Flows are NOT Bloodreds, since Bloodreds are RedCoat, Red Factor, Red Blotched, BORDER-LESS, Masque, Diffused Corns.

If it wasn't for wanting more PURPLE, on my Lavas, I may have never attempted to produce Borders on my Magmas, and would have never discovered that ALL of the Bloodreds from our Corn Snake Gene Pool, are homo for the Border-less Gene, a Rat Snake Gene.

Can we just get over the FACT that our Corn Snake Gene Pool, has some Rat Snake Blood and Genes in it, and move forward. I want White-Sided Bloodreds!
Old 06-08-2023, 08:32 PM   #24
Striped Peppermint x Striped Cinder Bloodred

I started this project by breeding a Hypo Striped Cinder X Striped Bloodred. I ended up with 1.2 Stripes het Amel, Cinder, Hypo, Bloodred. I have been saving back all of the Cinders, and Cinder Combines, for several years.

This year, the offspring are beginning to breed themselves. Has anybody else produced Striped Cinder Bloodreds or Striped Hypo Cinder Bloodreds? I have!

This line produces the most perfect STRIPES, I have ever seen. Striped from head to the very tip of their tails. Stripes and Cinders are like "Peas and Carrots". It is like they were meant to be together. Hasn't somebody discovered a Striped Gene in Keys Corns? Has anybody tested to see if it is the same gene as the original Striped Gene?

Maybe it is no wonder, why Perfect Striped Corns are homo for Border-less, maybe they started out that way. Isn't Keys Corns, Border-less? Now add in Striped Bloodreds, and we have three sources of Border-less, Perfect Stripes, Perfect Bloodreds, and Keys Corns.
Old 06-08-2023, 08:40 PM   #25
Ruby Magmas

My Ruby Magma Line comes from this extremely DARK female Bloodred het Striped PS Lava. She has a little bit of borders, and they are very dark purple. What do you call a gene, that causes the black to become purple, but the rest of the snake DARK Cherry RED! Is it a form of hypo? Doesn't make since to me, but that is what it seems like. Are these extremely DARK offspring from this female genetic!
Old 06-08-2023, 08:46 PM   #26
Striped Blue X SUPER Blue Tessera het Motley

I proved this females is a Super Tessera last year, nothing but Tesseras from her. The Blues without any pink are the truest to their blue name.
Old 06-08-2023, 08:52 PM   #27
Ice Tessera het Motley x Lava Motley het Snow

I have only produced one Lava Motley Tessera. Hopefully, this breeding will produce more and a new one of a kind, Ice Motley Tesseras.
Old 06-08-2023, 08:59 PM   #28
One of a Kind X Same

Lavamel Sunkissed Tessera x Striped Lava Tessera.

Lava Tesseras het Striped Sunkissed are the target. Can I make Striped Sunkissed Tesseras from the offspring? Stripes and Tesseras react funny to Sunkissed, maybe, I will get something really CRAZY!
Old 06-08-2023, 09:18 PM   #29
Stargazer Testing

My Strawberry Sunkissed line was Tested for Stargazer by someone else, and I discovered last year, that the line has Stargazer in it. Testing isn't perfect, and this is one example. I have 1.2 adult Strawberry Sunkissed, and 1.1 of them are het Stargazer. I believe the other female is Gazer Free, but I am testing her again this year.

I will produce more Stargazers from my Straw Sunkissed het Stargazer x Same breedings. I have one Stargazer Straw Sunkissed I produced last year that is eating great. I hope to produce some more Stargazer StrawSunkisse, that will eat this year. It is much better to test with Homo Stargazers, than Het Stargazer. If I am going to keep Stargazers around, they might as well be Strawberry Sunkissed. It is a great Combine!

I want to test my Strawberry Sunkissed to be Stargazer free, because they are my only source of the Strawberry Gene.
Old 06-08-2023, 09:28 PM   #30
Striped Honey ph Lava x Sunkissed het Striped Caramel Snow

This guy may get more girls than any other male this year. He will increase my Striped Honey production if he is fertile, and if he proves het for Lava, oh MY!

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